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  • 10th Research Methodology Workshop Report

    10th Research Methodology Workshop Report

    10th Research Methodology Workshop was conducted in library AV hall Silver jubilee Building on 9th & 10th September 2019.

    Program Started at 9.00 AM. Dr. Ashwini NS, Associate Professor Dept. of Anatomy compere the program. Invocation song was by Mrs. Sumithra S Computer Operator R&D section SDUAHER. Programme was Inaugurated by Dr. Pradeep Kumar G Honorable Vice chancellor SDUAHER, Dr. KNV Prasad Registrar SDUAHER, Dr. Sreeramulu PN, Principal and Dean Faculty of Medicine SDUAHER, Dr. K.N Shashidhar, Co-ordinator R&D SDUAHER and Vice Principal SDUMC &  two participants by watering the plant. Welcome address was given by Dr. K.N Shashidhar.

     Inaugural address was by Dr. Pradeep Kumar G,

    First Session was by Dr. Pradeep Kumar G. He spoke on “Overview of medical research”. He gave an overview of the research activity, bench marks, quality indicator and the steps taken by the Academy towards the promotion of research. He highlighted the importance of research among medical faculty and expressed his view about the various funding agencies & encouraged the participants to get involved in research.

    Second session was Dr. K.N.V Prasad, he highlighted on   “Developing a research questions and formulating objectives” He guided how to conceptualize research idea into a problem and convert research topic research question. He taught about 3 C’s i.e. Curiosity, critical thinking skills and Courage.  This was followed by group activity where participants were given the task of framing a research question and hypothesis based on FINER and PICOT criteria.

    Third session was on Literature search by Dr. Harendra Kumar ML . He briefed about the “Need for Literature search” listed the sources of data and websites to do Literature search. He explained about journal indexing, importance of impact factor and also gave an idea regarding search engines, key words and Boolean operator. This is followed by live vedio demonstration of literature search in PubMed by Mr.Prakash.

    Fourth session was on Observational studies” by Dr. Muninarayana C. He briefed about the process of choosing  study design based on hypothesis and resource available. He explained in detail about case control and cohort study, their advantages & disadvantages.

    Next session was by  Dr. TN. Suresh Professor Pathology & Director Central Diagnostic lab  on “Experimental study design” He explained regarding RCT protocol, randomization, blinding procedure & also about advantages & disadvantages of RCT. He briefed about the CONSORT model.

    Next Session was by Dr.Sreeramulu PN on “Information sheet and consent form” he discussed in detail about importance of information sheet and consent form in research. He also discussed on the must information to be there in the information sheet and consent form.

    Post Lunch session was on “Research protocol writing”  by Dr.Aravind, Natarajan, he briefed about definition of protocol, its importance and format for the protocol. In project description he  discussed the rationale/ purpose of the study , objectives, methodologies, feasibility and data management and also explained about   types of references and  difference between Vancouver’s and Harvard style of references.

    This was followed by Group Activity and study design by Participants

    Dr. K.N Shashidhar briefed about the Day- 1 program and also discussed with the  participants to apply for  research grants to both an Academy and also make our attempt to procure  extramural funds,


    Date; 10th September 2019

    Venue: Seminar Hall, Silver Jubilee Library Complex    

    10th Research Methodology Workshop was continued for the 2nd day in AV hall Silver jubilee Building on 10th September 2019.

    Recap of first day session was done by Dr. K.N.Shashidhar Co-ordinator R&D SDUAHER.

    First session was on “Ethics in research” which began at 9.00 AM by he spoke an  introducing ethics in research and that no harm or insult must happen to the study subjects. The various codes of ethics were described such as Nuremberg code, Declaration of Helsinki and Belmont report. The 3 principles of ethics were enunciated along with ICH GCP, UNESCO & ICMR guidelines. The purpose of research was discussed and also the general principles. The components of informed consent were briefed with assent in case of children. He also discussed about the policies and mechanisms for protection of human rights and human research. The regulations in conduct of research, Ethical reviewer’s procedures, ways to monitor conflict of interest, data collection and acquisition, constitution of ethics committee and bio-banking  was also explained.

    Second session was on “Ethics in publications” by Dr. Azeem Mohiyuddin, HoD of ENT. He gave introduction to ethics in publications followed by the authorship, conflict of interests, plagiarism, simultaneous submission and research fraud. The purpose of ethics in publications was stressed upon and highlighted that there should not be any monetary benefit nor personal gain in publication. The proper conduct of research, rightful research and need of research was discussed. Guidelines in authorship and ways to prevent authorship disputes, levels of severity in plagiarism were also explained.

    Third session was on “Research misconduct” by Dr. Pradeep Kumar.G. He discussed on professional misconduct, the moral principles, ethics and law followed by a group activity wherein the groups were assigned 6 tasks like why is research misconduct done, materials and methods in research misconduct, result analysis in research misconduct, impact of misconduct on society, discussion and conclusions, remedial measures to prevent research misconduct and there was active participation from the groups and discussion. Later the types of research misconduct and examples, impact of misconduct and research integrity were discussed.

    Fourth session was on “Selection of Journals for Publications” by Dr. Kalyani. R. She discussed about the types of Journals, Peer Review process, Publication charges. She also briefed about selection of journals based on DOAJ.

    Fifth session was on “Sample size estimation & Sampling and Randomization techniques” by Dr. Mahendra, Assistant Prof. Community Medicine. He discussed about need for the sample size, various approaches for sample size calculation & discussion about null hypothesis, type 1 and type 2 errors in detail. He briefed about various sampling techniques, their classification along with examples. He discussed in detail   about randomization in RCT , types of Randomization, how to go with block  randomization and its advantages over simple random sampling, importance of allocation concealment and various methods of sampling in RCT. He give a brief description regarding checklist for RCT as per CONSORT guidelines. He continued the next session on Data Management where he discussed how to entry data in Microsoft Excel sheets with examples, common mistakes we do while entering the data in excel sheet, software’s available for statistics and inherent difficulties observed during data entry in excel.

    Post Lunch session was on Statistical analysis by Mr. Ravishankar S. He briefed regarding various parametric and non-parametric statistical tests used in Statistical analysis with examples. He also gave an overview of software’s used for Statistical analysis and its implementation.

    Last session was on “Procuring Extra Mural Grants for Research” by Dr. Sharath B, he briefed about “importance of grants” types of grants, competitiveness, sources for procuring extramural grants, agenda of National Research agency, how to apply for research grants and strengths of a successful proposal. He also explained about various funding agencies available in India and briefed about the purpose of the budget planning and budget justification.

    This was followed by a Group activity where in one member from each group was made to present his/her research proposal as per university guidelines.

    Workshop conducted with valedictory function and   certificate distribution was by Air Marshall Dr.C.K.Ranjan Pro-Chancellor of Health care Services, SDUAHER, to the all the participants, resource persons and organizing committee members of R&D. The program ended by vote of thanks delivered by Dr.Aswhini NS Associate professor of Anatomy.


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