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    Sl.No Programme Subject Fee structure
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics. In service Rs. 40,000

    External Rs. 80,000


    Issue of application forms                                              :           1st week of June

    Last date for receipt of filled application forms         :           1st  week of July

    Date of Entrance Examination                                      :           2nd  week of July


    Commencement of the Course                                      :           1st August 2018


    Note: The exact dates, application form, eligibility, fee structure and general instructions will be made available on The Academy website by last week of May 2018.

    List of PhD Scholars

    Sl No PhD Scholar Name
    1 Mrs. Deena Mendez
    2 Mrs. Mamatha Kunder
    3 Dr.Subhashis Das
    4 Mrs. Muni lakshmi
    5 Mrs. Vanishree. B
    6 Mrs. Usha. G. Shenoy
    7 G.Vijay Kumar
    8 Azeem Mohiyuddin. SM
    9 Mr.Purnachandra Rao.U
    10 Dr. Kumaraswamy R.
    11 Dr. Arunashri
    12 N.Krishna Sumanth
    13 Kavitha Rani.N
    14 Mr. Krishna Kishore G
    15 Dr. Vinay Kulkarni
    16 Mr. Suresh T.
    17 Ranjeeta Gadde
    18 Dr. Sangeetha. T
    19 Mr.Rajesh
    20 Dr.R.Kalyani
    21 Mr. Vaigundan D.
    22 Mrs. Divya C
    23 Mrs.  Deepa R
    24 Ms. Chandrakala N
    25 Ms. Mary Shobha Rani I
    26 Mr. Jagadish T.V.
    27 Mr. Rajeev Gandham
    28 Mr. Suresh Konakanchi
    29 Dr. Geetha S
    30 Ms.Pravallika
    31 Dr. T.N.Suresh
    32 Ms. Claire Grabrialla Dias
    33 Dr. Venkestwara Prasad K.N
    34 Mrs. Punitha.M
    35 Mrs. Sai Deepika
    36 Ms. Mountusi saha
    37 Dr. Susanna T.Y
    38 Mrs. Apoorva H.M

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    No Name year Guide Subject Ph.D. Thesis Title
    1 Sridhara Rao 2015 Dr S.R.Prasad Microbiology Phenotypic & genotypic characterization of extended spectrum beta-lactamase in E. coli & Klebseilla pneumoniae isolated across Karnataka
    2 Deena C Mendez 2016 Dr AVM Kutty Biochemistry studies on protease of pathogenic origin a special emphasis on elastase and antielastase factors
    3 Vanishree  B 2017March Dr C.D.Dayanand Biochemistry A study on evaluation of oxidative stress with special emphasis to xanthine oxidase activity, antioxidants and Plasma elastase activity in pre-eclampsia
    4 Mamatha Kunder 2017August Dr AVM Kutty Biochemistry Studies on elastase and elastase-Inhibitors in Infectious and Non-Infectious diseases
    5 Munilakshmi 2017Dec Dr K.N.Shashidhar Biochemistry Biomarkers and oxidative stress parameters inType 2 diabetes mellitus and Acute kidney injury.
    6 C. Divya 2018Feb Dr A V M Kutty Cytogenetics &Molecular genetics Cytogenetic and molecular genetic evaluation of congenital anomalies with special emphasis to congenital heart diseases
    7 N.Krishna Sumanth 2018 Nov Dr Shashidhar K.N. Biochemistry A correlative study of advanced biomarker: kallistatin with conventional and oxidative  markers in cirrhosis of liver