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  • The Center for M.Phil. / Ph.D. Programs established under the SDUAHER was done with an objective to offer quality M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs through Post graduate departments with emphasis on bio-medical, bio- technological, interdisciplinary and human genetics programs for research. The overall frame work of the Centre is to strengthen the Medical, Allied Health and Basic Sciences Research for the benefit of mankind and also to satisfy the research thirst of the scholars in realizing their dreams.

    The Centre offers these programs through cytogenetic and molecular genetics under Faculty of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences. The major fields under Faculty of Medicine are basic medical science subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology and Pharmacology Community Medicine and Clinical subjects like Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology and Radiology. The research activities are of interdisciplinary nature and as for as possible clinically oriented. To augment research capabilities in these areas, the University has created Junior Research Fellowship.

    University has the central genomic laboratory, central diagnostic laboratory, teaching hospital, various pre,para and clinical departments,  skill and simulation laboratories , toxicology laboratory, animal house, herbal garden and others supporting the Centre for its unique identity in terms of emerging disciplinary  and interdisciplinary challenges through research by Ph.D. scholars.

    Apart from getting trained in specific methodologies and gaining hands on experience, every student of this Centre shall be exposed to Research methodologies and biostatistics compulsorily for a period of six months during pre-Ph.D. and pre-M.Phil. course work. Students will also be exposed to scientific writing workshop by inviting eminent experts from various research fields.

    This University Centre presently associates with Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Senior professors, associate professors, assistant professors of the Medical College and from university departments, research supervisors and scholars and post graduates for whom the center acts as a hub for biomedical research, act as active workers of the center in addition to their routine duties.

    Scholars of this Centre publish their scientific papers in various refereed journals and present papers in conferences and symposia of national and international importance. Future focus of the Centre will be to blossom to a Center of Advanced Research and to become eligible to promote a dialogue with public about medical research.

    The Centre has a documentation Centre and laboratories. .


    To become one of the best Research Centres in the region in biomedical and allied health research useful to mankind.


    • To become a quality Centre for advanced research
    • To encourage Research scholars in realizing their dreams into action through scientific achievement in the current health and allied sciences
    • To inculcate the attitude in students to respect and update ethical values in health research in a dynamic environment


    • To increase the enrolments to M.Phil. / Ph.D. Programs
    • To facilitate JRF/SRF to enroll for Ph.D. program
    • To expose research fellows from life-science background to short term basic medical science for better understanding of health research
    • To create post-doctoral environment for aspirants who wish to excel in research
    • To start integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. and M.Phil.-Ph.D. Programs

    Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Philosophy (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

    University offers M.Phil. /Ph.D. Programs, which are designed to build the research capacity of scholars from varied backgrounds and provide a strong knowledge and skill base suitable for carrying out research further.

    Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

    The M.Phil. Degree offered under the Faculty of Allied Health and Basic Sciences shall have the status of pre Ph.D. degree since it interfaces between masters and doctoral degrees. It will have both research and course components that will give students good background for advanced research.

    The duration of the Program does 2 years comprise 4 semesters. First year semesters are on core papers such as cytogenetic and molecular biology; second year has Research methodology and biostatistics with dissertation and viva voce.

    M.Phil. candidate is required to obtain approval for M.Phil. Dissertation topic from the committee constituted by the University and proposal should be ready to start working from 3rd semester and complete in 4th semester and also publish one research paper in a UGC refereed journal.

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    The Ph.D. degree is offered under Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Allied Health and basic Sciences. It shall have the duration 3 years for full time regulars, and 5 years for part time in-service candidates and part time external candidates from the SDUAHER approved research centres/institutions.

    Candidates admitted to Ph.D. Program are required to complete Pre Ph.D. course work. The credit assigned to the M.Phil. or Ph.D. course work shall be a minimum of 08 credits as defined by the UGC in 2016 regulations.  On successful completion of pre Ph.D. course work, candidates will be awarded pass in Pre Ph.D. course work provided candidate secures 55% of the marks in the Pre Ph.D. examinations. Candidate will be declared as qualified in the Pre Ph.D. course work by a committee comprising supervisor, external expert, internal member (Dean) and Vice Chancellor.

    Ph.D. candidate is required to obtain approval for the proposed Ph.D. topic from the committee constituted by the University for finalization of Ph.D. Research proposal and complete the research work within reasonable time and submit the thesis to University for adjudication. Each Ph.D. scholar should publish minimum two research papers in a UGC refereed journals.


    The Entrance Examination shall be conducted at the Centre(s) notified in advance.  The syllabus of the Entrance Test shall consist of 50% of Research methodology and 50% shall be subject specific. The related syllabus shall be notified in advance in the website. The marks at the qualifying examination shall be 50%. Maximum weightage (70%) shall be given to the written test  and 30% to the interview.


    Pre Ph.D. examination has two papers 1. Research Methodology (including bio-statistics)        2. Subject specific area of Ph.D. topic. Qualifying percentage is 55%.

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