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  • Annoucement
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  • The Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics has been established with a motto of empowering students to be the eminent nutritionists in the healthcare sector. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics is an emerging field that is expected to see a marked bloom over the next decade. The specialists in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics play a vital role in promoting the quality of life of individuals and communities which contributes significantly to the economic and overall development of the nation.

    Clinical Nutrition is concerned with therapeutic uses for nutrition, usually in medical settings as part of a complete health care program. Clinical Nutrition course involves creating effective nutrition plans that work towards effective health outcomes such as disease prevention and treatment, strengthening of immune system and nourishment of those at risk for malnutrition.

    Creating Knowledge and skills in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and enable practical application of Nutrition knowledge for the enhancement of Nutritional status and Quality of life of the people


    To impart and improve nutritional knowledge and enhance skill based training.
    To develop a band of young scientists, nutrition health care professionals, research fellows, well trained personnel in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
    To inculcate passion for scientific research and nurture skills to carry out research in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
    To monitor and evaluate nutrition policies and programs.

    • To build the capacities of the students and nutrition health care professionals.
    • To conduct operational/scientific research in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
    • To effectively transform students as nutrition knowledge practitioners.
    • To enable students to acquire skills for investigation, theoretical, clinical and applied aspects of Nutrition.