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  • Annoucement
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  • Faculties of Studies

    Allied Health And Science

    Under Graduate Program

    • B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology
    • B.Sc Operation Theater Technology
    • B.Sc Imaging Technology
    • B.Sc Ophthalmic Technology
    • B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology

    Post Graduate Program

    • M.Sc Molecular Biology and Human Genetics(M.Sc, MB&HG)
    • M.Sc (MLT) Clinical Bio-Chemistry
    • M.Sc (MLT) Clinical Hematology and Blood transfusion
    • Master’s in Public Health(MPH)
    • M.Sc In Health Science Library and Informatics

    Post Graduate Diploma Programs

    • Diploma In Genomics Technology (PGDGT)
    • Diploma in Yoga Practice (PGDYP)

    Certificate Programs

    • Application Technology in Hospital Environment
    • Phlebotomy Technology
    • Blood Bank Technology

    M.Phil Programs

    • M.Phil (Molecular Cell Biology and Medical Genetics)

    Ph.d Programs

    • Ph.d (Cytogentic and Molecular Genetics)


    Under Graduate Program

    • MBBS

    Post Graduate Program Doctors of Medicine (MD)

    • MD (Anatomy)
    • MD (Physiology)
    • MD(Biochemistry)
    • MD(Pathology)
    • MD(Microbiology)
    • MD (Pharmacology)
    • MD (Forensic Medicine)
    • MD (Community Medicine)
    • MD (Anesthesiology)
    • MD (Dermatology)
    • MD (General Medicine)
    • MD (Pediatric)
    • MD (Radio Diagnosis/Radiology)
    • MD (Psychiatry)

    Post Graduate Program Masters of Surgery (MS)

    • M.S (General Surgery)
    • M.S (Opthalmology)
    • M.S(Orthopedics)
    • M.S(ENT)
    • M.S(O.B.G)

    Post Doctoral Fellowship

    • Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

    Ph.D Programs

    • Ph.D Physiology
    • Ph.D Biochemistry
    • Ph.D Microbiology
    • Ph.D Pathology
    • Ph.D ENT
    • Ph.D Radiology and Radiation Physics
    • Ph.D Medical Education
    • Ph.DNursing (Interdisciplinary)
    • Ph.D Physiotherapy (Interdisciplinary)
    • Ph.D Clinical Medicine (Interdisciplinary)