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  • About Library / Profile

    The library meets the information needs of the faculty and students. It is housed in the ground and first floor of the silver jubilee building in the campus.  The library is centrally air conditioned and well-furnished for users. The library has Wi-Fi facilities to browse and access the resources. The library is serving as a medical learning resource center, support to research, educational and clinical needs of the students, faculty and research scholars of the university. The Library is kept open on all working days from 8.30 AM to 9.00 PM. and all general holidays, Sundays and 2nd Saturday from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM and own book reading section 8.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

    Currently, the collection of the library consists of 25555 volumes of books, 1082 back volumes (journals) and 1071 compact discs (CD). The library subscribes 53 foreign titles of current journals, 105 Indian journals and 25 online journals. Additional to print sources ProQuest database (3051 titles.) subscribed.  The library has well equipped digital library with 1Gbps Internet bandwidth and 40+ computers, printers scanners, and SSPS software to facilitate the users using ICT infrastructure in enhancing their reference based research work. 1335 new books were added to the library collection during the year.

    Vision of the library:

    The SDUAHER Library & Information Centre links the academia (people), reliable health sciences knowledge, and technology in support of effective learning, quality health care, vital research, and engaging community service.

    Mission of the library:

    The staff of the library strives for the highest quality services as they enhance access to the knowledge base of the health sciences, instruct users in information retrieval and management techniques, and acquire and organize a specialized collection of electronic, print and other resources in a cost-effective manner.

    Goals:  To provide:

    • Provide service excellence and timely access to information in the health sciences, independent of user location and mode of access.
    • Teach access to, retrieval of, and synthesis of information for education, clinical decision making, and research.
    • Provide access to a variety of resources to meet users’ educational, clinical and research needs.
    • Create a workplace that develops staff, provides a flexible work space, exhibits effective communication, and supports success planning opportunities.
    • Create a marketing process that keeps users informed of library resources and services.
    • Review the use of library space for innovative opportunities to enhance user satisfaction.
    • Perform a comprehensive user needs assessment to determine areas of strength and weakness in services, resources and/or operations.  The results will be used to inform continuous improvement priorities over the coming years.
    • Review and implement options to improve the management and delivery of information services.


    • Lending of Books
    • Reference Service
    • Document Delivery Service
    • Internet Training
    • Reprographic Service
    • Literature Search
    • Compilation of Bibliographies
    • User Education
    • Book Bank and Inter library lending service
    • Organizing Book Exhibitions

    Circulation/ Lending Procedure:

    Library and Information Centre is providing book Circulation (lending) service for the benefit of library user’s community. Books will be issued on presentation of the library card / Identity card. Students are instructed to check the books while borrowing and they will be responsible for any type of damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return. The members can borrow books, journals and CDs as mentioned below.

    Borrowing Limits & Overdue Charges:

    Types of
    Books Journals / CDs
    Nos. No. of
    Fine After
    Due Date
    Current Journals/
    Bound  &  CD’s
    No. of
    Fine After
    Due Date
    MBBS 2 15 Rs.5/day
    PG 3 15 Rs.5/day 2/2 &1 3 Rs.5/day
    Faculty 3 15 Rs.5/day 2/2 &1 3 Rs.5/day

    Library document/s can be issued between 10.30 AM to 8.00PM on all week days, except holidays, 2nd Saturday and Sundays.

    The users are requested to return the borrowed books to the library on or before the due date to avoid the penalty of Over Due Charges. Students are advised to obtain the NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the library at the end of the Academic Year.


    Students and faculty members are eligible to borrow library books at a time as mentioned above.  In the last    page slip is pasted and   stamped mentioning the due date and the fine will be charged @ ` 5 per day per book from the due date till the book is returned to library.


    Books and Journals may be borrowed by Staff and Students

    Stack Books and Bound Journals are permitted to borrow

    Reference Books are not permitted to borrow.

    Members of the teaching staff may borrow Reference Books and Current Journals for a maximum of 3 days for teaching purposes.

    Members of the PG Students may borrow current Journals for a maximum of 3 days for teaching purposes.

    There no extension of lending time for students going for holidays or examinations. Loss of borrowed books/Journals the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay double cost of the book after getting permission from the Prinipal.

    Library Rules:

    • All the library users (students & staff) should display the Membership Identity Card to the scanner system kept at the entrance of the library every time they visit.
    • Bags, Briefcases, Handbags, Parcels, Aprons are not allowed inside the library premises.  Such items may be left at the property counter provided in the library.
    • Users are advised not to keep their valuable things in the property counter.  The library accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any articles so left.
    • Books, Journals, etc. taken from the shelves for reading should be left on the tables after the use and ‘not’ to be replaced on the shelves.
    • All users leaving the library must show all books, folders, papers, etc. in their possession at the security counter.
    • All books/journals and other library materials are to be used with care.
    • Engaging in conversation and creating any noise inside the Library is strictly prohibited.
    • The library is closely monitored by closed circuit camera & TV
    • The Library equipment, furniture and fittings should not be mitigated.
    • In case of loss of the borrowed books/items, the user must pay the cost of replacing a lost or damaged book or other item along with over dues if any.
    • Use of Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the library premises.
    • The Computers and the Internet facility in the digital library are for educational use and purpose only.
    • Accessing unauthorized sites, Playing games, chatting etc. are strictly prohibited.
    • The users should not change the settings on the computers provided in the library.
    • Users are required to vacate the library at designated closing times, upon hearing alarm bells.
    • Notices, handouts or related material may only be displayed in the library with the prior permission of the Librarian in an approved form.


    The above mentioned rules and regulations are subject to periodical reviews and revisions.  Failure to comply with library rules and regulations may result in the loss of library privileges and may lead to College or University disciplinary measures.


    Name From To
    1 Mr.Raghavendra M.L.I.Sc. 1986 22/10/1997
    2 Mr. Prakash B.A., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil 23/10/1997


    Sl.No Categories Name Qualification
    1 Director Dr. K.C. Prasad M.S (ENT)Fellow in Otology
    2 Senior Librarian Mr.Prakasha B.A, M.L.I.Sc, M.phill, (Ph.D)
    3 Deputy Librarian Mr.Devaraj.B.V B.Sc, M.L.I.Sc
    4 Assistant Librarian Mr.Ganga Reddy.A B.A, M.L.I.Sc
    5 Assistant Librarian Ms.Udayavani.G B.A, B.L.I.Sc
    6 Assistant Librarian / Trainee Ms.Baseera B.A, B.L.I.Sc
    6 Clerk Mr.Baiyyareddy B.A
    7 Clerk Mr.Eranna B.A
    8 Clerk/Asst. Binder Ms.Padmavathamma B.A

    Digital Library:

    The Digital Library is located in the ground floor of the library. It is a state-of-the-art Digital library, consisting of 40-workstations with internet connections. The digital Library is open for12-hours, a Printer and a Scanner facilities are provided.

     Facilities for Learning and Teaching:

    The library’s electronic classroom is located in the 1st floor of the library. Provide a computer and overhead projection facilities are provided.

    Floor Plan:

    Ground Floor:

    • Information Desk
    • Newspaper and Magazine
    • Property Counter
    • Collection Development Section
    • Librarian’s Office
    • Digital Library
    • PG Section
    • Circulation Desk
    • Photocopy
    • OPAC
    • Binding Section
    • Stack Area
    • Reading Hall
    • Text & Reference Books
    • WHO Publications
    • Current Periodicals & Staff Section
    • Back & Bound Volume of Periodicals Section
    • Rest Rooms

    1st Floor

    • Seminar Hall
    • Personal Book Reading Section
    • UG Section
    • Rest Rooms

    Library Collections (Data as on 31.05.2015):

    1 Total Collection 26244
     i) Total No. of Books 24335
     ii) Total No. of PG Dissertations 689
     iii) WHO Collections 1220
    2 Total No of Journals (Print + Online) 149
    Total no. of Journals Print
    A) Current Subscription 149
    i. International 53
    ii. Indian 96
        Back volumes 1082
    B) Total No. of E-Journals 322
    ProQuest 3050
    SDUAHER Subscription
    C) E-Books
    D) CDs & DVDs

    Phone: +91-08152-210604, Extn: 355


    Fax: +91 (8152) 243008