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  • Report of ‘COVID-19 Orientation and Training Program for Government Doctors and Private Practitioners’

    Report of ‘COVID-19 Orientation and Training Program for Government Doctors and Private Practitioners’

    In the view of the ongoing Pandemic of CORONA VIRUS, COVID-19 Orientation and Training Program for Government Doctors and Private Practitioners’ was held at Silver Jubilee auditorium of SDUMC, SDUAHER, Kolar. This event took place with collaboration of District Health Authorities, R.L.Jalappa Hospital and Research Center along with Department of Community Medicine, S.D.U.M.C., SDUAHER, Kolar. Registration took place at five established counters from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Among the participants from public sector, DHO Dr.Vijayakumar, District Surgeon Dr.Narayanaswamy, RCHO officer Dr.Chandan with many government medical officers and practioners registered under KPME Act took part. From SDUAHER, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr.Pradeep.G, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor Dr.CK Ranjan, Respected Principal Dr.Sreeramulu, Deputy Registrar Dr. Ananta Bhattacharyya were part of the programme. Around 180 doctors registered for this event. All measures were taken to prevent overcrowding and maintaining social distancing. All participants were given with one three layered mask and were asked to sanitize their hand with alcohol based hand rub.

    The programme started from 2:45 PM after the arrival of Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner of Kolar, Smt. Satyabhama C, I.A.S. Dr. SM. Azeem Mohiyuddin, the Medical Superintendent of R.L.Jalappa Hospital and Research center, Kolar welcomed the audience. This was followed by First session by Dr. SM. Azeem Mohiyuddin, the Medical Superintendent regarding Introduction of Corona virus (COVID-19). He spoke on factors causing deterioration health in COVID-19 infection, various definitions like Containment, Buffer Zone, Quarantine and Isolation. He also spoke on Screening for Fever through thermal guns with its advantages and disadvantages. He spoke on swab testing both nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab. He introduced the audience to RT-PCR used in diagnosis of COVID-19. He mentioned a small note on symptomatic management of COVID-19 cases. The next session was by Dr.Anitha, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, SDUMC, SDUAHER, Kolar spoke on Structure and Characteristics of COVID-19 virus. She spoke on Coronoviridae family and 7 viruses from the same family which can infect humans. The importance of previous outbreaks of Coronoviridae family which are Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was briefed followed by structure, transmission rate and mutation of Corona virus. Lab diagnosis using RT-PCR using nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal swab and broncho-alveolar lavage were mentioned.

    Third session was Mode of transmission and Prevention of Corona virus (COVID-19) by Dr.Naresh SJ, Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine. He mentioned about median incubation period, Basic reproductive number, mortality related to virus and transmissibility of virus. He spoke on importance of social distancing, respiratory etiquette, dos and don’ts of in prevention. He mentioned a note on various therapeutic trials of various drugs used in treatment of COVID-19. Fourth session was by Dr.Raveesha, Professor and HoD, Department of Medicine on Clinical features, Complications, treatment. He said that Corona virus infection presentation has a spectrum of Mild symptoms to Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SARI), age affected mostly middle aged. He said clinical features could be from common symptoms to variation in various lab investigations. Tea break was followed by talk from Dr. Charini who spoke on Contact Tracing, Quarantine, Isolation, Cluster & Hotspot management. She spoke on role of rapid response team, utilization of technology by using contact tracing app. She mentioned role of Designated COVID Care Center (DCCC) and its functions in controlling the spread. Special note was mentioned on Hot Spot Management by elaborating red zone, orange zone and green zones. She also depicted current Kolar scenario with respect to Corona outbreak. Next session was by Dr. SM. Azeem Mohiyuddin regarding PPE Donning and Doffing and Frequently asked questions (FAQ). Heinitially showed a presentation which had all the steps of Donning and Doffing followed by a video. Later there was as live demonstration of Donning and Doffing by Dr. SM. Azeem Mohiyuddin himself. Next session was Frequently asked questions (FAQ) where Facts and Myths of Corona virus was presented. These were the commonly asked questions by various people throughout the world. This was followed by small talk by Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner of Kolar, Smt. Satyabhama.C,(I.A.S). She appreciated the efforts of R.L.Jalappa hospital and research center, Tamaka, Kolar. She also thanked the management for doing an excellent service since the outbreak of Corona Virus appreciating the voluntariness to step in as DESIGNATED COVID HOSPITAL. She mentioned her special thanks to Dr. SM. Azeem Mohiyuddin, the Medical Superintendent of R.L.Jalappa Hospital and Research center, Kolar for his dedicated and whole hearted support during this pandemic. The Prochancellor Health care, Dr.(Air Marshal) CK Ranjan spoke on importance of not being lax during this time although we have achieved a good control over the virus in the Kolar. He mentioned that fight against virus is a long battle and we should not lay down the amour .The final session was questions from Audiences which were effectively answered by the prolific speakers. Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.Pradeep TS, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine. 


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